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If You've Had A Bad Trial Outcome, It Is Important To Explore All Possible Strategies For Pursuing An Appeal.

An Established Reputation For Success In Appeals

Appellate Lawyers

The appellate lawyers of O’Connor, McGuinness, Conte, Doyle, Oleson, Watson & Loftus, LLP regularly achieve positive results for clients in appeals to the New York State Appellate Divisions and the New York State Court of Appeals. The firm also successfully handles appeals in Federal District Court.

Proven Success In Appeals

Representing clients in appeals has been one of the fastest-growing areas of our practice in recent years. Individuals, companies and self-insured businesses turn to us when they need a law firm with a record of success in appeals.

Appellate law is one of the most complex and challenging areas of a civil litigation practice. It is highly specialized and requires specific knowledge and experience for success. Because of the substantial risks involved, it is in your best interest to select a law firm with a record of success on appeal.

Analyzing the Record, Developing the Strategy

Because of our decades of experience in civil litigation representation and our knowledge of the law, our attorneys are able to analyze lower court decisions and develop effective appellate strategies.

We select only issues that offer our clients the strongest possibility of success. Then we work to develop a compelling case for setting aside or overturning the lower court’s decision.

If you have a bad outcome at trial, it is important to explore all the possible strategies for pursuing an appeal of the trial court decision. Please contact O’Connor, McGuinness, Conte, Doyle, Oleson, Watson & Loftus, LLP to discuss your case.

With offices in Manhattan and White Plains, we provide appellate representation to clients throughout the region.

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