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We Specialize In Defending Physicians And Hospitals In Medical Malpractice Actions.

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O’Connor McGuinness Conte Doyle Oleson Watson & Loftus, LLP has a seasoned Medical Malpractice Defense Division that specializes in defending physicians and hospitals in medical malpractice actions. This division also provides representation to physicians who are facing license revocation proceedings for alleged professional medical misconduct and physician disciplinary action brought by the Office of Professional Medical Misconduct (OPMC). Get in touch with our New York medical malpractice defense attorneys today for sound legal counsel and aggressive representation.

Cases We Have Handled

Our firm represents and defends a number of New York Metropolitan Area hospitals as well as physicians in a multitude of specialty practice areas. O’Connor McGuinness Conte Doyle Oleson Watson & Loftus, LLP has focused its Medical Malpractice Defense Division shortly after the firm’s founding in 1955 and is now widely considered to have one of the oldest Medical Malpractice Defense Divisions in the New York area.

Our firm has successfully defended clients in a wide range of claims including the following:

  • Alleged surgical errors, birth injuries, including Erbs Palsy and Cerebral Palsy
  • Brain damage
  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Nursing home neglect, including bed sores, wound care and falls
  • Orthopedic errors
  • OB/GYN practice
  • Ophthalmological care, including eye surgery, cataract and lasik surgery
  • Reconstructive procedures
  • Dangerous drugs, herbal supplements and performance enhancing drugs
  • Professional misconduct

In any allegation of medical error, our New York medical malpractice defense attorneys retain experts to review the medical record and determine whether there is any basis for the claim. Often, on careful examination of the record, the facts will reveal that the alleged malpractice was one of the known risks of surgery that the patient was warned about and agreed to assume by way of signing an Informed Consent Form.

O’Connor McGuinness aggressively defends physicians who perform within the applicable standard of care.

To discuss the defense of a medical malpractice claim please contact our office with offices in Manhattan and White Plains.

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